Doojoon talks about Park Gyuri’s complex

(From March/2010)

‘s Seungyeon and Gyuri revealed their individual complexes on a recent episode of Star Golden Bell. For those who don’t know, a complex is something you have an insecurity about.

Seungyeon replied, “My complex is the difference between my expressions when I laugh and when I don’t laugh.

Gyuri said, “I don’t have a complex. I save my self confidence, so I don’t have any complexes.

In response, the MC’s said, “But if you had to pick one what would it be?

Gyuri replied, “I’m curious to as to what my complex would be.

The MC’s had to resort to asking BEAST member Doojoon who said, “Park Gyuri’s complex is… I’m not really sure. She may not have a complex, but when she goes to sleep, I think she loves her self confidence too much.